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Privacy policy

Privacy policy of WildTrails.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of WildTrails

Thank you for visiting the Privacy Policy of WildTrails. We don’t collect any personal info of the users other than their name and email id. Users can log in via Facebook or Google but even for that we just take only the full name and the email id and we don’t access anything more than that. We store only these two strings on our database and these are encrypted. Even someday someone breaks into the database (very tough as it’s behind two firewalls), all they can access are some bunch of jumbled up funny characters which does make no sense to them.

We don’t collect and or save anywhere any credit card details or any such personal info. We do collect personal ID info for booking the safari (as govt has made that mandatory) but we don’t store anywhere on our servers.

We never ever sell or give access of this info to any third party at any cost, please be rest assured about it.

This policy is effective as of June 17th, 2015. Any material changes in the way WildTrails uses Personal Information will be described in future versions of this Privacy Statement. Of course, you may always submit concerns regarding our Privacy Statement or our privacy practices via email to info@wildtrails.co. Please reference the privacy policy in your subject line. WildTrails will attempt to respond to all reasonable concerns or inquiries within five business days of receipt.

Thank you for downloading our WildTrails App (Android or iOS) and/or accessing our website.

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